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Identifying and detaching from the Ego

Ego is the underlying cause of all the suffering, problems, and conflicts in one’s life and relationships. 


Although, in everyday consciousness, mostly every one of us are deeply engulfed in this seemingly solid reality of this “I, me, mine” and cannot differentiate between our true self and the egoistic self. We deeply believe in our own thoughts to be absolutely true and right, and therefore engage ourselves fully in chasing what we like/want or fighting against what we do not like/want to protect and reinforce our self-image, individuality and our own welfare. This is where all the stress, conflicts, power struggles, denial, jealousy, disappointment, resentment, and suffering come from.


Being able to identify the egoistic thoughts, words and actions that we unconsciously perform in every moment and circumstance of our daily life, as well as having the necessary techniques or methods to help ourselves step back for a second, to then be able to detach ourselves from engaging and being consumed by the Ego is the most important step to liberating ourselves from our own self-created suffering. Only when we are able to see beyond the Ego’s perspectives, can we start seeing the beauty and perfection inherent in all things. This is the basis to develop the right understanding and compassion towards everyone and everything that we encounter in life, which in turn is the prerequisite foundation for living a life full of Joy, Contentment, and Freedom.

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