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Compassionate communication
for healing and harmonising all relationships

Compassionate communication is indeed a prerequisite for harmonious and successful relationships, and needs to be integrated into daily interactions within any contexts in today’s world (whether it be intimate relationships, friendships, contact with family members, co-workers, business settings, partnerships, and even with strangers).

Compassionate communication is born out of understandings and compassion towards others, and acceptance of how things and people are. This type of communication is based on harmony, joy, and kindness-inducing intentions, aiming towards well-being and benefits for all. 


More importantly, the interactions and contact with others need to be observed by your clarity of mind and watchful awareness, to keep the Ego in constant check. Therefore, it is necessary to practise De-conditioning and Compassionate Self-inquiry methods that help strengthen the development and cultivation of right understandings and true compassion.

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