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One-to-one mentoring service (via Zoom)

One-to-one mentoring service (via Zoom) on “Uncovering your true self at all levels (physical, mental and spiritual) for a complete understanding of your true nature, current state of well-being, meaning and purpose of your life, and the path that is opening up for you”:

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On request

Zoom meeting

About the event

An in-depth reading and specific guidance to help you truly understand your current state of physical, mental and spiritual well-being, your strengths and weaknesses in all these levels, how to improve the weaknesses, put things in balance and maintain the optimal state. The reading and guidance will also help you see more clearly your purpose in this lifetime, and the path that you are meant to walk, with in-depth guidance on a holistic lifestyle that helps you truly enable yourself to live this life full of love, joy, and freedom.


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