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Nhan Ta

is a Vedic and Buddhist scholar and philosopher, and also a free thinker. 

She was born and grew up in a mud hut in a small village, deep in the mountains in the North West of Vietnam where there were no modern facilities at all at the time (no modern toilets, no TV's, fridges, electric/gas cookers, concrete buildings, internet, or technology of any kind, etc.), everything was minimal, domestic and organic, also primitive.


As a toddler, she naturally expressed a great compassion towards other people and animals, especially those who were suffering.


At age 13, some traumatic events happened that led her to a depression that lasted over 17 years of her life. She started thinking deeply about the meaning of life and the purpose of her existence since that early age, and embarked on a journey to find out the answers for her burning questions about who she is, why she is here, and why life is full of suffering...


Nhan started to devote herself to meditation practice and contemplation of ancient wisdom since 2012 in search of the way to peace, truths, and a cure for her depression and existential frustration. This diligent journey as a genuine truth seeker urged Nhan to look deep within to explore and understand her own psyche in depth. 


She started sharing about some of her findings since late 2015, and did more so after going through a transformational phase of spiritual disillusionment in early 2019, that marked a turning point of her understandings and realisations, as well as cessation of her depression that lasted 17 years. 


Early 2021, Nhan followed a strong inner calling that guided her to the heart of the majestic mountains in the Swiss Alps - where the scenery had been foreseen as in one of her repeated precognitive dreams that occurred every single night for 2 weeks straight, back in 2019. In this pure land, she met Stefania - a respected Amazonian shaman, who compassionately spent 2 weeks with her and assisted her to enter and experience transcendental states of consciousness. With an unshakable determination to find the truth, and see beyond the ego and her mind, Nhan was deeply transformed by the experiential knowledge and the Truth that she 'saw' about the ultimate nature of reality - the mind and all its dreams, and the solidified layers of the ego that each of us are all living with. 


At the point where she realised 'all is a dream' (including all that we use to identify ourselves in life, all thatwe live with, all the teachings and people we encounter (including the Buddha, Gods, gurus, mother, father, others, 'I'/'me'/'mine', etc.), all are just dreams created by the mind as soon and as long as the dream of the 'self' and 'self ignorance' is created, also by the mind and in the mind), a frequency perceived as a human voice (genderless) repeated the following message:




Nhan understood the meaning of this message in the context of her spiritual quest, and it became a part of the central message that she shared on the top of this site!


After one week without any sleep, as every time Nhan closed her eyes, she was in the transcended state with the flow of constant teachings, experiential knowledge, and realisations, Nhan felt called to go to a monastery up in the mountains and spent a full 7 weeks reading all the scriptures and teachings of the historic Buddha again, including his biography and journey leading to and after his enlightenment to verify and clarify what she had 'seen' and realised by her own 'eyes'.


She was startled that the Buddha, after the night of enlightenment, was said to also spend 7 weeks in a monastery or temple, reading the ancient scriptures to verify and clarify what he had realised.


Nhan did not make an assumption that she was fully enlightened like the Buddha, still, her findings and realisations are in complete alignment with the essence of his teachings and other ancient wisdom.


The realisations and experiential knowledge coming through this sacred experience, along with the journey as a seeker that led to this point, are the fundamentals of the teachings that Nhan is sharing hereby and thereafter.

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