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A restless mind is always lost in dream thoughts.

There are two type of thoughts that arise in our minds: intentional and unintentional thoughts.

Intentional thoughts are under our awareness/watchfulness, and we intentionally give them specific directions. These are Thinking Thoughts that only happen when we are able to focus and hold our attention on contemplating on one specific subject or topic.

The other thoughts come to our mind involuntarily and unintentionally. Notice that most of the time, you are drowning in this ocean of unconscious thoughts. These thoughts are random, uncontrolled, and incoherent. These thoughts are Dream Thoughts - Unconscious Thoughts, they are our day dreams.

A restless mind is always lost in dream thoughts, daydreaming most of the time, lack of mindfulness while doing any activities. Often a restless mind is dissatisfied with the present situation in life, and has a strong desire to control the future or change the past. Due to this dissatisfaction, one always feel worried and anxious about the future, or angry and regretting the past.

Thinking or dreaming? You can make the choice.

You can become a master of your own mind by learning to choose which thoughts to have and which ones to discard. The first step is to invoke a strong desire to gain mastery over oneself. The second step is de-conditioning the mind.



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