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Even mindfulness coaches, psychologists, counsellors and meditators experience...

Those who know and apply some good techniques seem to experience less stress, less extreme emotions, more positive thinking, becoming more mindful or more effective/productive at work, etc. And all that definitely makes life easier, calmer, and more well managed. Though, these benefits are just like the effects of painkillers or health supplements that help reduce the symptoms on the surface of the pain, or strengthen our faculties and help us be able to get on with our daily activities more effectively for a bit longer, whilst the real causes of the pain or the health conditions are not dealt with properly. This is why even successful people, people who have everything - all things - in order in their life, even meditators and mindfulness practitioners quite often still hit their limits and have down time due to sadness, loneliness, disappointment, frustration, and even depression.

To be truly free of pain or a health condition in our body (bodily suffering), painkillers or health supplements are not sufficient for the cure, just a short term relief or some limited effectiveness, we need to change the whole diet and the way we have been treating and utilising our own body, to restore it to the natural and healthy state before any issue happens. Similarly, to be truly free of pain or a health condition in our mind (mental suffering), we need to decondition/reverse the whole belief system in our mind that makes up the way we think and interpret everything in life, to restore the mind to the pure and healthy state before any suffering happens.



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