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Every one of us yearns for more love, kindness and appreciation but...

The reason is that although everyone of us looks for and hopes for receiving those very same things, most of us mainly focus on expecting those things coming to us from others or from the outcomes of what we do, whilst we do not give off enough of the same to others and the world around us.

Put yourself in others’ shoes! Deep down, every human being wishes to be seen, heard, understood, accepted, and appreciated. We all know deep down this yearning for more love, more kindness, and respect from others. We all spend so much time and effort throughout our lives and in our every action just to earn those moments when we feel loved, accepted, and understood... So, if you are not giving off enough, would others feel there’s enough love, kindness, and appreciation for them from you? That is exactly how you feel lack of those very same things in your life, as most of us are ignorant of others’ very same needs and yearnings. We are all so self-conscious that we can only see and focus on how the failures of others make us feel, but NOT how our own failures (in giving off those things) make others feel!

So every time you feel you yourself or the world need and should have more love, kindness, and appreciation, GIVE OFF those things to everyone and the world around you rather than blaming other people, the world, and LIFE to be unloving and unkind! And as everyone starts to do so, the world will soon become a more loving and warm-hearted place! “Be the change you want to see in the world” as they say!! 🙏🏻



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