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Everything and everyone in life is just mirroring back to us the reflections of how we are inside.

We often think that the outer circumstances, people and events are the causes of our happiness or unhappiness, and try to either chase them (if they are believed to bring about happiness and satisfaction) or change them (if they seem to cause pain and disappointment). However, happiness is not a product of outer conditions, but a process of inner experience.

When an event happens, if you are in a balanced state of mind, no matter how difficult the situation is, you still are able to cope with equanimity, and able to see the perfections in it. On the other hand, if the same event happens when your state of mind is unbalanced and negative, even a small issue is seen as a disaster and you can be shattered.

So when something seems to be so wrong, a relationship is not working, you keep meeting the wrong type of people, or you are bothered by something you can't accept in others etc., LOOK INWARD instead of blaming the outer factors! They are just the reflections or indications that there are things that you need to recognise and work on within yourself.

Ask yourself: What is it that actually stirs your mind and makes you suffer? What is it that brought you into these difficult situations in the first place?

The underlying reasons are always the limiting beliefs that condition the way you perceive and interpret things, and the fears of the ego that shape the patterns of restrictive/limited choices and decisions that you can make in life.



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