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Fate - in relation with free will (the freedom to manifest what one wants in life)

Each of us more or less must have had a taste of some kind of events/circumstances/synchronicities that happen to us totally out of our expectations just as if they were ‘planned’ or ‘predetermined’. That could be a romantic encounter, a twist or turn that pushes us to embark on a completely new direction in life, or an incident that changes the way we think forever. We feel powerless over those seemingly predestined events and have no idea how or why they happen, and where they would lead us to. We have no choice but to surrender and call them “Fate”. Regarding the encounters with fate, we start to wonder: how much of our life is planned/predetermined by something beyond our ability to comprehend? That’d be disappointing if we are just puppets in a show that is not our own at all, but somehow we seem to be in fact able to make our own choices a lot of times too, don’t we? So how much of it is under our own power - our ability to choose and manifest things that we want? (but then, is it not the case that we can manifest ‘anything’ that we want? Just as the 'Law of Attraction' and 'Magic of Manifestation' people talk about all the time on the internet?).

Let’s first understand fate! - Then work out how much power/ free will we as individuals actually have!


1. Fate as a product of cause and effect or Karma.

All religions (and also science) since the beginning of human civilisation have been teaching about cause and effect. It is a fundamental law and fundamental truth of how things manifested in this physical universe.

The law of Cause and Effect basically teaches that every phenomenon/action (regardless of how small or significant) that happens within this universe (even when it already ends on its own) always leaves/causes some imprints and effects in the space-time reality. Whether seen or unseen, tangibly or energetically. A small rain drop falls into a still lake, the drop quickly disappears and can no longer be seen, but the ripples it created go all the way across the lake that can be seen even long after the rain drop had gone.

Karma is the term applicable only in the human world and observed in human experiences in line with the law of cause and effect, though it does not simple mean an effect of an action.

Karma is a phenomenon in which one must experience the very effects of one’s very own actions and choices that caused those same effects (either positive or negative) on others around oneself.

Karma, as a fact/truth in the field of manifested consciousness, ensures consciousness evolution happens on this plane of existence! A conscious entity, by experiencing the very effects of its own choices/actions, learns to know and realise what feels good, what feels bad, what is painful, what is comfortable, what feels loving and what feels hateful/fearful, etc. It then moves naturally towards making choices that lead to the experience of Love, Joy, Harmony, and Peace - which is the nature of its true Self.

Though our human consciousness does not perceive and see Karma as how it really is.

When something (an event/an encounter/a phenomenon,…) unpleasant is experienced or observed that doesn’t seem to be a direct result of an action or a current set of circumstances that we know of, we often get upset and stressed about it. As in our limited consciousness, it is unfair for that unpleasant something to suddenly ‘happen' to us. By thinking that way, we unknowingly put ourselves in a ‘victim mode’, instead of accepting the difficulty as nothing but the left-over ripple or effect created by our past actions and choices, and now being experienced so that we are presented the chance to evolve. Many of us often react negatively and resentfully towards unfavourable situations or people, and unknowingly create another chain of cause and effect for future experiences. Also by doing so, the specific Karma has not fulfilled its inherent purpose (which is reflecting back to us the effects of our very own past actions/choices to learn what is helpful and not helpful for our evolution), keeps building up its momentum and accumulated energy to come up to us in different ways at different times. We know Karma especially when we see the same patterns of painful situations/experiences or the ‘wrong’ type of people keep coming into our lives.

If only we knew what Karma we need to resolve/‘pay back’, pain and suffering would soon being transcended, providing us great lessons to evolve. But the problem is that we do not see things as they really are, as the lapse in human consciousness in space-time reality causes disruptions in observation and block the ability to observe the correlation between the later effects that we now experience and our original actions that had caused those very same effects to others in the past some time ago.

As you see, we don’t even remember all of the details of every thought and action we have just had earlier today, more so of every thought and action we had yesterday, so imagine those thoughts and actions we had last week, month(s), year(s) or some lifetime(s) ago. It is impossible to recall all of them in our day-to-day consciousness. So it should come as no surprise when an occurrence or event happens in the present that doesn’t seem to relate at all to the current set of circumstances. When they do, we are often startled as if they come out of the blue, as if they just suddenly “happen to us”, as if we have no active role whatsoever in causing something like that happen to us, and we just call it “fate".

2. Fate as the choice of the souls when entering the matrix of the physical universe

When human consciousness is free from the physical body and restricted space-time reality (which is perceived by the physical senses), consciousness is restored to its true state which is wholeness/continuity in nature, it starts to see the whole picture in perfect order and see correlations without time lapses of forgetfulness in between. In this state of consciousness, the individual soul would see clearly the effects of the past choices and actions over the time on earth, and as a natural process of evolution the soul would move towards perfecting itself - which is correcting the choices that had created suffering (for itself and others), and make new choices that are closer to its true nature.

With this intention, the soul chooses the set of circumstances in which to be born (and 'die') that would maximise the chance for it to work out its karma, and not just that, some key people (other souls, that are often referred to as soul mates/soul groups/twin souls in spiritual materials, who happen to share the intent in experiencing aspects of the same or compatible karmic lessons) to be met during the next incarnation to coordinate and facilitate the process of evolution for each other. (Though the details of where, and when they meet can be altered, and depends on how each of them copes with working out their own karma and forgetfulness when coming back to human consciousness. Only when they meet certain levels of self-awareness and readiness for the work together to take place, they would come to encounter one another as if they are fated to meet).

Though the Matrix (of How the soul works out/chooses the circumstances/experiences and interacts with other key souls whom it would share the experiences with in the next incarnation, in correlation with the unfoldment of each individual soul’s karma) is mega-complex, beyond human consciousness' ability to fully comprehend and describe.

Does it mean we have no power at all in creating our own reality or manifesting what we want and the choices a Soul would make before each incarnation on Earth?

YES. We are just being pulled from one effect of karma to an other with no power at all IF we are functioning totally in the state of forgetfulness - unconscious state - karmic reacting state.

NO. When we work out all of our karma and become fully conscious, our life becomes the exact manifestation of what we are at each present moment. Before then, the more you work out your karma and the more you become conscious in each present moment, the more you are able to live a life in alignment with who you really are and what you really want!

So what about people who claim that they can manifest ‘anything’ they want?

What do you actually mean by “Anything”? Money, big houses, a high position, a hot bf/gf? This car or that car?

Aren’t they all the THINGS in the material world that the Ego wants to have (possess)? Why don’t any enlightened masters teach people to manifest those things ever in the past several thousands years? Are they silly? As they are enlightened, they are free of karmic bonds and became fully conscious, they could have manifested whatever they wanted, but why they didn’t manifest money, big houses, or the most expensive car, etc… and teach people to do so and get even more money from teaching those things that humans of all times always wanted for themselves? Why only in recent years of human history have we started hearing about these Masters of Manifestation?

Because nowadays we are living in this more than ever materialistically driven world - the world of

grasping/getting things that the Ego equates with security and superiority- the world where

people can turn anything into business via the internet by using some key words that hit and

snatch the Ego’s attention!

Don’t be lured by the desires of your own Ego! As it just keeps you longer and pulls you deeper into forgetfulness and illusions, which always leads to painful experiences sooner or later.

Some people could actually get all the money or the houses/cars, etc., that they wanted to enjoy, and be proud of that for some time indeed, but only if that is either the setting for the karmic lessons that their soul had chosen for them to work out or the effects of some left over past choices/actions that will eventually dissolve! The question is would they take the experiences to then resolve their karma to evolve and move towards the true Self? Or use it as the Ego’s asset and feed on the Ego’s sense of superiority?

Focus on your own journey, work on your own karma, and purify your own mind to maintain a

clear state of consciousness!. This is the way to true freedom and the creation of true value!



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