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How to deal with loneliness:


Is the feeling you experience when you are disconnected with people, relationships, the environment, and what actually is in the present.

On the surface you might think that the cause of this lonely feeling is because of the physical aloneness or physical distance between you and those you want to be around. But let’s do a reality check! Remember even when you were with them in the past, there were (many) times that you also felt lonely and not happy around them, right?

So look again to find out the real root cause or real trigger of this lonely feeling. As that is the way to enable you to really unroot the issue!

Do you notice that recently you are experiencing disappointment/dissatisfaction at work/with the relationship(s) you are having or the place/circumstance that you are living in?

Do you notice that recently you have a lot of the pity thoughts about yourself, such as things are so hard for you/so unfair for you, people do not understand you/are not there for you or to help you, you are not loved enough by someone(s), your values/virtues are not recognised and appreciated, etc…?

Do you notice recently that you are (partially) hiding things from those who are closest to you as you thought they wouldn’t understand and agree with you about such things anyway, so no point to share with them?

All of these are the built-up factors that make you feel alone and isolated in your own mental world and disconnected from others and what actually is in the present moment of your life.

To address the feeling of loneliness, you need to address those real reasons that lead to that feeling, one by one!

1. Disappointment/dissatisfaction at work/with the relationship(s) you are having or the place/circumstance that you are living in… are rooted in untrue beliefs of the conditioned mind and the ego’s defensive mechanism. To unroot this feeling, use “De-conditioning self-inquiry” and “Compassionate Self-inquiry” methods that help break through your belief system and transcend trapped emotions.

2. The pity thoughts that you keep entertaining in your mind come from the Ego’s victim role that you’re unconsciously playing. To stop these cycles of thoughts, use “self-inquiry method to identify the Ego” to detach yourself from it and its victim consciousness.

3. Reach out and reconnect with people who you miss and care about. Learn and use “Compassionate communication” as two-way communication (listening and sharing without negativity, judgement, or expectations).

Look out for the next posts/videos/articles for those methods mentioned above!

Wishing you peace,

Nhan Ta



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