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Inner peace is found when the mind is pure and serene.

Purifying the mind is the work that helps undo and remove the layers of the belief systems, deconstruct the ideal world model - our own mental construction of how everything should be, including ourselves - that we have built up and live in throughout our lives. By purifying the mind, we remove the ‘paints’ that cover up our ‘white sheet of paper’ layer by layer, to retrieve our zen mind/beginners’ minds - our original state of pure joy, clarity, livelihood, and authentic state of being that we were born with.

When the mind is purified from all the layers of ‘paint’/‘tinted colours’, we become awake and conscious instead of marching through life as unconscious/asleep wanderers. We see things, people, and ourselves as how they really are, instead of assuming our distorted visions and interpretations to be the ultimate reality. This is when we can truly be at peace as we experience the pure state of being, which is full of joy, life, beauty, love and perfection as how we once experienced it in our early childhood as innocent and unconditionally happy beings.



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