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Karma - what holds us back from happiness, freedom and living our wildest dreams

In the previous article, the law of Cause and Effect as well as Karma were explained a fair bit in relation with what we call Fate. In this article we will see how Karma has been holding us back from the freedom to create/manifest the life we want.

As Cause and Effect is a physical and logical law applied to all things (including energy and matter) in this physical universe, so it seems to be obvious that to ‘avoid’ an unfavourable effect, we simply just need to eliminate the cause of it (if we know what the cause is!). We all learnt a lot from different spiritual/religious teachings, the teachings of our parents, friends, or our own life experiences that by refraining from having the "wrong" causal thoughts, saying the "wrong" words, or (especially) "wrong" actions, we would be able to avoid a great deal of problems that we don’t want in our lives. In this sense, we often heard of Karma as the experience of “you reap what you sow”. And so, we learnt to just not to sow what we don’t want to reap, and only sow the seeds of what we want instead! (Don’t lie to others if you don’t want to be lied to, don’t cheat on someone if you don’t want to be cheated on, be respectful and loving if you want to be respected and loved, etc.). Life would have no headache or heartbreak, no frustration and disappointment if we could all live a life of morality and virtue. But the problem is that the definitions of morality and virtue in the perspective of each individual/family/region/religion/society/nation… largely differ, so how can we make sure we “sow” (or refrain from sowing) the “right” seeds? This tactic doesn’t really work! (In a sense that is to help us create a life full of happiness, abundance, and freedom as we would like to live!). We still seem to be unable to get rid of “bad karma” and continuously reap “good karma” even if we try so hard to sow all the “right” seeds!

This is why we need to see beyond this simple teaching of “what you sow, you reap” regarding Karma to understand how it connects to our endless suffering in life, and how it has been holding us back from living a life of happiness with the freedom to live and manifest the life that we want.

So here we go.

Karma is not just a shorter word for the law of Cause and Effect applied to human experiences, it actually specifies a loop of causations that repeat again and again in one’s consciousness and experiences due to one’s repeated “mistakes” (misperceptions/restricted awareness and untrue beliefs).

Karma is essentially the repeated psychological effects caused by one’s repeated unconscious patterns in responding to an identical type of causations (triggers) when they re-surface. This recurring process keeps leading to the same type of unwanted outcomes in which we always end up in pain, suffering, feeling of being trapped, and recurring failures.

In other words: Karma means when one faces the same certain types of settings/circumstances/events/conditions, … (the triggers of certain causations), one responds to the triggers by making the same “wrong” choices, feelings, thoughts, and reactions that one had always made in the past, and so every single time one ends up with the same feelings of unhappiness, pain, and dissatisfaction. So actually, Karma is closely similar to psychological conditionings (familial and societal conditionings) that we have been programmed to live with since we were born in this lifetime, but also the repeated patterns that we have taken on and carried along in our individual souls (individual minds) from previous lifetimes.

Karma is formed and sustained on both an individual, and also collective level of consciousness. We experience not only our own individual karma, but also the collective karma of our family, nation, or human race as a whole.

How Karma is formed?

The first time we face a set of settings/circumstances/events/conditions,… we respond to the situation totally based on what we know and believe is right for us at the time, without awareness of how things really are.

A mind which is mostly lethargic and/or sensual is deeply asleep in illusions of restricted 3D reality. Relying on that asleep mind, we inevitably make choices and take actions without seeing the bigger picture with the actual impacts or effects our reactions make on others and also on ourselves. This is due to our own limited awareness as much as our inauthenticity (- the false self functions under the Ego perspective or Victim mode instead of our authentic and true Self). When actions and choices are made under limited awareness of a lethargic and/or sensual mind which is driven/controlled by the Ego, the outcomes always are in the spectrum of unhappiness, conflict, pain, and dissatisfaction. (This is a truth that many of us do not want to see.)

Then here is how an experience becomes Karma:

As the outcomes mentioned above are then perceived by the Ego as uncomfortable, painful, and unwanted, every single time when the same type of triggers resurface, the Ego rushes into reacting to prevent or avoid the pain according to the experience it remembers from the past. Unfortunately, by responding/reacting from the Ego mode and limited awareness, we always end up in the same place of unhappiness and dissatisfaction.

With the breakdown explanation about Karma and how it is formed, we can now see that this loop or Karma is nothing but the repetitive suffering of the mind when we keep repeating the same mistakes of making choices and reacting under Ego mode and unawareness. We suffer from being trapped in this never-ending loop again and again UNTIL our consciousness shifts - when we’re awaken from illusions of our lethargic/sensual minds and consciously STOP repeating the cause of it all - stop letting the Ego run the show (our lives)!

To be able to do that, the only way is to purify the mind to move from the lethargic/sensual state of mind into clarity and purity!

Only with a pure and clear mind that sees and understands the truth of our true Self, we can then respond to the triggers by our new choices that come from the place of our true Self - with wisdom and love. And this is how Karma is resolved.

Though in the world of interconnectedness, we still cannot guarantee to not be affected at all by any effects caused by many others - actions that are chosen by the collective/a larger group of people in which we are a part of. Our individual realities are just small portions that belong to a bigger groups, societies, countries, continents, and all of humankind. Our realities to some extent are always affected by the collective. Knowing this fact, we have no choice but to accept our limitations in creating our own lives in the way we wish them to be. Though once the mind is purified and maintains the state of clarity, you are living your life with your wholehearted authentic Self instead of your Ego, so whatever you experience and in any given situation, you see things as how they are and no longer suffer, or internalise things as your own dramas for the Ego to mourn about!


The work to remove the conditionings of this lifetime and Karma of many lifetimes are one and the same, as with each incarnation the soul chooses the exact karmic matrix that is compatible and essential for its particular stage of evolution to work out and evolve.

So the conditionings that make you are suffering now in this life are closely connected and in fact the exact same karmic aspects (but in different settings) that you need to work out in this lifetime for once and for all.

The tough bit is that, we can only detect the karmic aspects that needed to be resolved when we experience a (familiar) unwanted outcome with all its pain. Nevertheless, bear in mind that it is actually the time and the chance for us to look deep into ourselves to find out the answer for what “mistakes” we have been repeating over and over again throughout this life and past lives that result in the same kind of suffering when the same type of triggers resurface. Once we see the patterns and realise the “mistakes” - which are the misperceptions and untrue beliefs that we have been holding tight towards those specific triggers, the door will be wide open for us to free ourselves completely from that Karma!

"Karmic lessons" are a universal experience for all of us here on the 3D plane. They are the same in terms of the lessons/realisations that they convey to us, and merely differ in terms of details associated with them (even though how much of a 'lesson' could be 'learnt' by an individual in a specific lifetime depends on what they need and what they are able to perceive in that specific point in their journey, the 'lesson' itself is the same). To use a video game analogy, in order for us to progress and ultimately ascend to a higher plane of existence, we need to overcome the obstacles and challenges presented to us in order to move on to the next level. Even though the details of how the game unfolds as each player plays it differently largely differ from one player to another, the theme of the journey as well as the obstacles and challenges at each stage of the game are identical. Knowing this can bring you strength and assurance that you are not alone in your struggle! Please get in touch if you seek guidance and support when facing a painful "Karmic lesson" that seems too tough for you to handle and work it out! 



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