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Manifestation of reality. How Law of Attraction can actually be applied.

The mechanism in which the desires of the Soul/Self get manifested into the experiential field (the physical universe) is always the same in each holographic level:

At the level of totality,

in the beginning, there is nothing but the Soul/Self - God - an infinite field of the un-manifested - the oneness of all - the nothingness - the perfection - the silent/unchanging/unmoving field of pure awareness/pure consciousness. There arises in this infinite field an urge or desire of the Soul yearning to experience itself. That desire becomes an urgent and burning impulse that can no longer be held in that state of pure silence - unmoving/unchanging consciousness. When the impulse charge becomes so emergent, the field explodes into infinite pieces of itself that are then slowed down/crystallised/solidified in infinite forms/channels/outlets for it to look at, examine, explore, and experience itself fully. This magnificent act of Self-expressing (or process) happens in the most incredible and creative of ways all over every corner of this universe, in all dimensions of existence, and in every moment of eternity. The manifestation process of the Soul happens with no plan, no control, and no limits, as the Soul itself is infinite and unlimited in nature.

At the level of individual souls,

which is more relevant to us as individual human beings looking for the way to manifest/create our own reality, the process of manifestation is the same but the creation - the result of what can be crystallised/manifested - is often very limited.

Let’s see why and how it is limited, and if it is possible to break through this limitedness.

Firstly, we need to understand what a human soul/an individual soul, actually is.

As each basic building unit of any life form (a cell, a DNA strand, an atom/a particle, etc.) ‘contains’ and is consciousness (which is energy and information), there is a collective consciousness or group consciousness that exists along with (‘through and around’) a physical body/entity (whether it be a human, an animal, a plant or any life form in the physical universe) as each physical body is formed by a group/many groups of its building units.

A human’s consciousness is one of the most densified/solidified on earth in comparison with other simpler life forms thanks to the complexity and density of the collective consciousness of all the building units that gather together to form that human body and especially the human brain.

As the consciousness of a human body is highly intelligent/highly conscious thanks to its density and intensity, it is able to carry/contain/remember/reserve/accumulate/gather… the memories and imprints of the experiences (in the form of information and energy) in a much more remarkable capacity in comparison with that of a simpler life form’s consciousness.

The unique set of experiences that each person (each body-mind complex) goes through in its lifetime is collected, accumulated, and stored in that person’s ‘consciousness cloud or reservoir’ makes each individual consciousness different from others. And each human body-mind complex’s ‘consciousness cloud/reservoir’ with its uniqueness is what we call an individual soul (or a human soul).

A soul takes on one body after another (reincarnation) to carry on its journey of experiencing and expressing itself. Each individual soul is a particular ‘vantage point’, a channel/an outlet of the Self following its inherent/primal impulse, which is to experience what it truly is through examining and experimenting with different aspects of itself with all possibilities and potential. This on-going journey of each individual soul is called: the evolution of a soul in which the soul must evolve - moving from the state of not knowing/unconscious to realising/being fully conscious of its true original nature through experiential knowledge.

Now knowing what an individual soul is and its business, we will look into how a desire of a soul gets manifested into the physical realm.

When a soul expresses an urge to experience a truth (an aspect of the Self), this impulse/signal/message/desire is first received or felt at the mental level of the body-mind complex which is the soul’s current incarnation. It is often felt like a vague desire/an unclear calling/an indescribable longing for ‘something’. The reason why it is vague, unclear, indescribable is that: we humans function at and are tied to low frequencies of dense matters using our five physical senses to interact and communicate with our worlds, whilst the desire/calling/longing of the soul is expressed at a different (much higher) range of frequencies and much less dense so that we cannot see/hear/touch/taste/smell it by using our physical senses. (Though people whose mind and heart is more open and in tune with higher frequencies could sense the messages of the soul via intuitive knowing (extrasensory perception or sixth sense), or even via physical senses at the times when they experience synchronicities).

At this stage, how the message is received and perceived is totally dependant on the mind’s grade of clarity. The mind’s grade of clarity is determined by its filter which is its existing perception. The original intention/desire/message of the soul could be hugely distorted/bent/altered when going through this filter as the filter of the mind (existing perception) is bias. It is formed by the combination of one’s existing belief system (current lifetime conditionings), plus conditionings of multiple lifetimes (karma), and plus the proportions of the mind’s gunas (characteristics of the mind: lethargy, sensuality or purity) at the time.

The more “thick”/dense/solid this filter of the mind is, the more distorted and restricted/narrow the message of the soul could be perceived.

After being filtered, all kinds of thoughts would be projected as interpretations of the (distorted) message. These thoughts are the millions of different ways that our Ego infers, interprets, and personalises the (distorted) message that the mind picked up on (and filtered out), based on its current state of fears, insecurities, neediness, and illusions/dramas.

These thoughts then lead to the reactions in our emotional body. The emotions/feelings that we feel about something are often the direct manifestations of our own thoughts, and could be very confusing, entangled and far removed from truths, as they are often inspired, driven and suppressed/denied by the Ego.

You might be thinking: “Aren’t emotions/feelings our intuition that we should listen to?” As you’ve learnt somewhere that “feeling is a language of the soul or feeling is your intuition”.

There is a fundamental difference between emotional reactions and intuitive feelings: emotional reactions always follow thoughts and are triggered by thoughts (memories, imaginations, and speculations) about the past and/or the future. In contrast, intuitive feelings (true feelings as a language of the soul - your intuition) arise when there is NO thought involved.

When emotions gather enough momentum (as our emotional body reacts again and again to the pattern of thoughts that we allow ourselves to entertain back and forth repeatedly), physical results are manifested.

Physical results are our own creations that we bring into our life by perceiving, interpreting, altering the original idea/intention/message of the soul into the way our ego mind wants it to be, then shapes it and tries to control/restrict the process in which it unfolds/manifests with the desire for it to turn out to be exactly like the specific outcomes that our ego mind wanted. These creations could be in forms of our actions/interactions with the outer world (such as: making/announcing a decision/a choice, acting out a drama, making a move in a situation, producing a product/an object/a discussion, treading on a new direction/path, etc.) or changes within our own physical bodies.

More often than not, these creations are very limited, repetitive, stereotypical, uncreative, and even negative as they are inspired/fuelled by emotional turmoil (low frequency emotions such as: sadness, grief, anger, regret, pettiness, hatred, stress, fear, anxiety, loneliness, jealousy, etc.). And as we know, many experiments have been done to show how negatively these low frequency emotions affect our physical body and could even sicken a healthy plant/an animal in close proximity to us. So we should realise the impacts that these emotions could have on our well-being as well as unseen/invisible aspects and dimensions of our lives. The opposite is true with nurturing emotions that come from gratitude, peace, empathy and compassion. When we step back from emotional turmoil to re-balance and bring about positive emotions based on healthy thoughts/clear thinking instead, all dimensions of our life are nurtured by the high frequencies of them.


So what has been described above is the process and sequence of manifestation of reality and how the reality we experience is often very limited and does not reach its full potential.

Now probably we are hearing our Ego shouting out loud: “What I wanted to know was how to manifest what I want! What was described above as the process of manifestation doesn’t have anything to do with HOW to manifest what I want! What nonsense!”

The thing is, the process of manifestation happens regardless of you being aware of it or not, and this divine process of creation is not originating nor intended to serve the Ego’s sake! Ego is just a false sense of self - a mental image/a thought that you hold about your existence and individuality, and is not the real Self! The magician that performs the magic that brings about existence from nothingness, the creator that creates perfection of all things, the life force that enlivens all lives throughout the universe, the intention that manifests itself into the most magnificent and creative forms, etc… is the Soul - the true Self - higher Self - the God/Goddess…! NOT the Ego.

Unless some of which that the Ego wants are “luckily”/“coincidentally” matched up with the intentions of the soul (to experience those aspects of itself or to work out some specific karma)! When that happens, the Ego always jump in to claiming its ownership of the creation and is very proud of its superiority as if it has successfully manifested what it wanted (and what many other people have ever wanted), but only to find out later that it is unable/unsuccessful to do it even once again… And so, it just has to hope and wait for another chance of “luck”!

So… if we cannot really manifest what we want to feel better, happier, more secure in life, that sounds like we are just puppets. We have no power at all over our own life and our own existence, and we are just made to bear whatever comes along, regardless of how undesirable or unbearable things would be throughout our life as human beings on earth. Is that so???

Well, the critical question is not one of 'if' we have any power to manifest or 'how' we could manifest what we want, but:


As when the intentions of the soul are fully expressed/manifested without much restriction/distortion/suppression, the creation/manifestation would be always one of the highest beauty, wonder, harmony, perfection, and for the highest good of all. Observe nature closely and you will see the truth of it!

Now, to be able to ALLOW that to happen, if you go back to the sequence of the manifestation process, you would find the answers for that which could be summarised as these three points below all together:

1. Removing/de-conditioning the untrue beliefs that the mind has been programmed to understand reality with, as well as working out the karmic imprints that restrict the mind’s vision of higher possibilities, and meanwhile purifying/cleansing the mind (moving from lethargic/sensual state to clarity and purity) so that the filter of perception becomes more transparent and at the same time raises the frequencies of our very being. This work helps us to allow the signals/messages of the soul to be perceived by the mind without distortion or misperception.

2. Detaching yourself from the Ego’s mode which is the cause of misinterpretation, confusion, and misleading direction for true manifestation. Under the Ego’s thoughts, the manifestation process is redirected towards resistance instead of allowing, and it is restricted within the Ego’s comfort zones instead of being freely expressed/manifested into its highest and wildest possibilities. This detachment from the Ego would happen naturally when a lot of work and effort is expended in the first point above.

3. Transmuting the emotional charge by working to resolve the root cause of it (which is closely connected and rooted from the Ego’s thoughts mentioned in the second point above), and grounding/re-balancing yourself to restore the state of healthy emotionally balance and clarity, instead of jumping into decisions and actions as being led astray by emotional turmoil, as emotional reactions that are triggered by the Ego’s thoughts would always lead to consequences that turn out to be in the same spectrum as where the Ego’s thoughts are originated from, which are fears, pain, dissatisfaction, and unhappiness.

The Law of Attraction would be worth mentioning here as regarding this topic of manifestation in this reality.

Many of us have been trying hard to apply this law in attempting to attract and manifest what we want, but most likely we have not yet seemed to reach any success.

Many times we get frustrated and become impatient, as to why our life does not take off, why we keep experiencing disappointment and despair, why we do not seem to be able to achieve our wildest dreams (not even once touch a piece of it), etc., even if we have done all the things the "Law of Attraction masters” teach, like thinking/writing/saying thousands of times the affirmations and gratitude expressions, etc., but still no success (or a bit, but not exactly what we were hoping for).

It is not because the Law of Attraction is false, it is indeed one of the laws by which the universe works. The issue is that there is an error/a misunderstanding/a trap we keep getting in to, that keeps us from getting the intended result, which is: almost anything that we want to manifest is in fact what the Ego wants!

How do we know that is true?

Looking at the explanation of the manifestation process, we could see that the intention of the soul often does not have the chance to fully express into magnificent creation, as the process is largely and strictly shaped, directed, and suppressed by the Ego’s thoughts based on its restricted/untrue beliefs, fears, neediness, and its urge to control/keep everything in its comfort zones.

All the Ego’s thoughts are rooted in FEAR. When we track down to the very root thought that makes us want what we want, we would always find FEAR at the underlying thought/sponsoring thought of our neediness or the urge to control things. Either it be the fear of lack/inadequateness/worthlessness; or fear of loneliness, injustice, meaninglessness, etc.; or (very commonly) fear of being unloved/unwanted/unaccepted/unchosen/unsafe.

The fact that we “want” something so badly clearly shows that we fear/worry not having it enough for our survival or for our happiness/well-being, and so we focus mainly on the LACK of it and intensify the NEEDINESS of it. By doing that, we unknowingly reinforce, feed on the underlying/sponsoring thought of fear. And fear based thoughts are the lowest/densest range of frequencies, so what these thoughts would attract to us would always be in the same range of low frequencies according to the Law of Attraction (or the Law of Vibrations). And of course this is why the outcomes would also inevitably turn out to be in the same spectrum of the vibrations of fear (such the experiences of unhappiness, pain, disappointment, fearfulness, confusion, worries, anxiety, stress, grief, grudges, resentment, jealousy, etc.). It's no wonder why we do not find happiness, peace, freedom, abundance, and fulfilment at the end results of our efforts, as these feelings and experiences are on the opposite side of the spectrum (super high frequencies).

The Law of Attraction actually should be seen here as a reassurance/confirmation for us

as when we do not act out our emotions that are based on the Ego’s thoughts (fear based thoughts) but come back within instead and remember/reunite with our true nature/our true Self (which is compassion, peace, harmony, empathy, gratitude, wisdom, acceptance, clarity, pure beauty, pure joy, … - all these qualities together are called LOVE), we will inevitably end up experiencing “good things” and “good feelings” flowing into our life! Our experiences and our creations must match the high frequencies of who we really are (our true and authentic self)!

So, we just need to firstly learn to see through all the chattering of the Ego and be able to rise above the low frequency emotions, to focus on working on our minds and become established in the true Self to allow affluence, happiness, love, and all good things to flow through us (or be attracted to us if you’d like to enjoy a bit of self-gratification).

Remember though, when we have not yet been able to allow true manifestation to flow, and we still experience mostly unwanted outcomes as the result of the Ego’s creations - it is not a failure! As this seeming 'failure’ actually serves the soul’s evolution well in the way that it provides the soul the experiential knowledge of what it is NOT, to then be able to navigate and envision the conceptual knowledge of what it really is and what it wants to experience next! So sail on with confidence! As you would never fail on this journey!

What can we do to reach mastery of those above three points?

There is no short answer and it is also easier said than done! As we human beings suffer from forgetfulness in our day-to-day consciousness, we could remember what we should do/need to do to achieve mastery in one moment and then forget (get lost in thoughts) in the next. Also, the answer for this question would involve a very long journey of spirituality and evolution.

Nevertheless, we must not be discouraged! Everything needs to start from the very basic building blocks. Just start with determination and consistency! Start with a dedicate spirit/attitude! Start with daily meditation; with contemplation of the teachings of the enlightened masters; with reading/learning about truths, spirituality, the human mind and its conditionings, ego and its fears, your inner child and its neediness, etc. Start focusing on self-reflection and self-development work. Start learning to ground and transmute your trapped emotions into self-empowerment and creative work, etc… And just try to keep up your work day by day, week by week, one step after another! Ultimately, this on-going and persistent work is what facilitates the process of evolution and growth to happen and unfold!



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