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MEANINGLESSNESS: How to overcome it

Meaninglessness - A very common issue that I hear often from people and I myself struggled with for many many years, is the lack of meaning in what we do and in life generally. The causes of this haunting meaninglessness are:

1. We focus and spend too much of our mental and physical energy in building and maintaining the self-images (not limited to how we look or behave, but also the titles/role models we label ourselves with) that we subtly want to be seen by others, to survive and thrive in the society, rather than being completely true and authentic with ourselves. This makes us feel empty and disconnected deep down.

2. We yearn for validation: how many others see our effort, are there any who hear our words, how many people value our actions, how many and if anyone acknowledges our exotic beauty and uniqueness etc. When you think there aren’t enough of those who validate your self-images and individuality, you feel that you mean nothing to anyone, your words and actions mean nothing, and your existence is ignored/dismissed by others. Thus, you find yourself and your life lacking meaning. And indeed, there is no meaning others can give to you.

Would a flower (whether it be a rose, or an unnamed wild flower) care about how it would be seen, how many people would favour it/take it home/worship it, know about its exotic beauty and fragrance, and if there is anyone who knows that it even exists?

No. It just is! Blooming with its natural colours, smells, shapes, regardless of whether or not it has a name or if anyone knows about it or favours it. There are no worries, no struggle to get anywhere or anything, no need for validation, and no lack of meaning!

So are you, just be the authentic you! without trying to be someone you’re not, or longing for validation from any others.



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