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No action is "bad" or "wrong" in one's own belief.

Forgive the people who you think were bad or wrong! As in their own perceptions, they only do something that they think is good or ok for them to do! That very action is then perceived as bad, wrong, or unacceptable in others’ point of view/point of reference.

We just don’t see other people’s unique point of view and just don’t understand their underlying ‘good’ motivation they believe in: the wishes they hold dear in their hearts, the pains that they had to bear for all their lives, or the fears that they have not yet been able to resolve, ... or they are just simply at a different stage of awareness that might not be as awaken as you expect them to be (yet!)

When merely judging others as bad or wrong and refusing to see and forgive their real motivation or ignorance, we mainly sink in ego’s consciousness that is judgemental, intolerant, and wanting to be right!



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