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STOP thinking and believing that you are a victim...

Circumstances are co-created by a collective number of people involved. So to change a given circumstance, it requires ALL the people involved to shift their thoughts, words and actions into an ALL-agreed-arrangement at once.

You cannot change an outside circumstance created by a collective number of people by your own will and effort. (Though that doesn’t mean you should give up intending for what you would like to see in the future, just knowing this fact would help you to not getting stuck in too much frustration as you cannot change a collectively-created-thing the way you want it).

What you can do though is knowing that you are not a Victim! You just happen to be a part of the collective experience that might or might not fit your preferences.

You become a victim when you put your attention heavily on the outside factors (negative impacts as how you often call it) that only threaten the ego’s comfort zone but not the authentic part of yourself.

Switch the focus to WHO YOU ARE AS A PERSON, the essence - the authentic part of yourself that cannot be destroyed, affected, or changed by any of the outside factors.



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