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The meaning of random thoughts of a scene/a memory/brief events of the past:

Why do these thoughts stay in our memory even after decades and keep coming up from time to time? It is because the information and emotions were not processed/not understood/not expressed at the time when the event happened.

We can just let these brief memories sweep through us randomly, or we can choose to understand the messages they bring to understand ourselves more fully and come closer to what we really are and really know deep down.

The event/scene in the past was observed by the inner conscience. In that moment in the past that we relive, we might not have developed a full understanding and a decision upon what is right and wrong that we know deep down. As a child or a young mind, we just listen, go along and learn from what we are told/taught, though in every moment and situation, our inner conscience - our true self - the observer of all life experience, always observes and knows exactly what is right and wrong, what should and shouldn’t be according to its wisdom and ultimate truth - NOT according to what others or the society tell us.

When that wisdom was not heard and lived by, the unprocessed/unperceived lessons keep staying (floating) on the surface of the mind (as random thoughts) as having not been absorbed and integrated fully with our actions and choices in our lives.

So when they appear, look at them closely:

- What was the truth you already knew at that moment but didn’t act upon? (This question is about the inner knowing of what is right that we ignored).

- What emotions and assumptions do you hold on to at that moment till this day? (This question is about the inner knowing of an untrue assumption/restricted perspective that we grasped).

→ Answering these questions helps us to come closer to our true nature/authentic state of being, as well as living from our inner wisdom of the soul, instead of being fooled and consumed by societal/familiar conditionings.


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