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The true nature of love.

Ask yourself: What is it that you ultimately look for or hope for in the interactions or relationship with that specific someone?

This question demands you to be truly and completely honest with yourself!

Unless the answer is absolutely NOTHING at all that you hope for yourself, ALL other answers point towards what the Ego wants for itself! And that means the underlying motivation of such relationship does not come from LOVE but either obviously or subtly comes from the desires and expectations of the Ego. (And you know how the outcomes would often turn out to be, don’t you?!)

In this case, work on your mind to see through the egoistic thoughts and expectations, and get in touch with what is true to your heart and soul before making any decision or pursuing a course of actions, unless you don’t mind facing disappointment and pains as inevitable parts of your journey.

So what is the nature of LOVE? What IF the answer for the above question is NOTHING at all that you want for YOURSELF?

Compassion, pure joy, and appreciation (gratitude) are the most fundamental nature of LOVE!

When you truly have LOVE as your underlying motivation, all there is in your heart and mind is a genuine compassion for others, a pure joy in the act of giving and engaging in such interactions or relationships, and an immense appreciation for how people REALLY are!

Find the truth of the feeling of unconditional love by reminding yourself of the beautifully warm-hearted, life-nurturing and life-enhancing feeling of LOVE when you hold a baby in your arms and gaze in its eyes and its smiles, or when you are engulfed in the unspeakable beauty of nature or closely observe the pure loving gestures and the natural/simple yet immense honesty and gratitude of the animals!

Remind yourself often of what true LOVE feels like, and you will naturally reconcile all aspects of yourself and your life to be in alignment with it!



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