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The truth of Human existence

In nature, we see with our own eyes that from a chicken egg comes a chicken, from a duck egg comes a duck (even if the duck egg is incubated and then raised by chickens), or a tomato seed sprouts into a tomato plant and will bear tomatoes, not chillies or beans… How did an egg, or a seed know exactly what it needed to become instead of becoming something else by mistake? Because within themselves they have already been encoded the patterns for expressions of what they will become, assuming their basic necessary conditions are met (such as suitable temperature, food, soil, water, light, etc.).

Humans in the same way, as embryos, we contain within ourselves the imprints of the patterns that lead to our development into our human forms and characteristic tendencies that we would be growing into. You can in fact learn about those tendencies based on current technologies and methodologies using astrology, numerology, palmistry, dermatoglyphics, etc. But what makes human beings different from animals or plants is that we have hidden impulses (or deepest desires/intentions) that influence our feelings, thoughts, and preferences from a very young age, and later on in life we have personal responsibilities and abilities to act upon and make decisions for every single event in our day to day lives regardless of whether we are consciously aware that we are doing that, or not.

In the hope for a better, happier life, we all want to find our supposed-to-be and right directions that we should take in life, by learning of our gifts and faults, and more importantly our Right careers, partners, education, hobbies, etc. Many of us are drawn into reading astrology reports or analysis of our own DNA or dermatoglyphics tests in search of the Right direction. Despite all the correct little facts that the astrology/numerology/dermatoglyphics reports say about us, we still could not work out why we feel, act and make decisions in certain ways towards certain events in life, and that our lives so often seem to be led or dictated by outside factors that knock us off the Right track, pushing us further away from the Destinies that we - according to those reports- should have.

To really understand our own actions, feelings, and decisions that we make or tend to make, we need to understand our own selves, our hidden impulses - our deepest desires, fears, ideals, intentions, and also where we are in the path of our own personal evolution. We cannot find them in mechanical based methodologies (as they would only give us the guidance from what humanity has been observing to date and studied based on accumulation and interpretation of samples and examples), but the psycho-spiritual approach can shed some light on this issue for us.

(*Psycho-spiritual means: integration of spirituality and psychology, instead of mere science/psychology or mere spiritual/religious belief).

In each of us, we contain within ourselves, along with biological imprints, the engraved patterns or programming of different human archetypes within our psyche. Archetypes are forces/mythic characters/life models/motifs that exist at the level of the Soul, and are enacted by individuals, we are the physical expressions/manifestations of archetypes.

Each of us is a unique combination of different archetypes, the dominance and levels of manifestation of each archetype depends on the stage of evolution the individual soul is at, in accordance with the phases of each evolvement leap (a hero’s journey) the individual is going through, under the influence of the evolution of the collective consciousness.

We inherently do not need to struggle at all to become what we are meant to be, it should be a joyful process as natural forces expressing themselves into what they’re meant to be, just as the seeds sprout and release their inherited patterns into certain types of plants without any struggle, as long as they have enough of the necessary conditions; we humans (as a body and mind complex) in a natural way just need our basic physical conditions to be met and be kept healthy, and also having a clear and pure mind to let the Divine flow through us and manifest as intended - in the forms of archetypes expressing themselves through human existence - instead of obstructing this process by the density of mental noise (thoughts and concrete beliefs) or misidentification of one’s True self with the body/ego/the finite world of objects.

It seems that not many of us are completely happy and at peace with how we are and what we are at present, and that’s the sign that we are not (yet) in the state of flow, we keep yearning to find the way to become something else/something better which we often don’t really even know what it is that we really want.

There are two main reasons for this human condition of dissatisfaction in life: either because our basic needs are not yet being met, like a plant cannot grow healthily without sunlight or water; or the distractions of the human world/social influences and our own cluttered mind, that altered the inherited expressions of who we really are, and created blockages between our True self and our limited imagined self!

Let’s quickly look at the first reason. What are our basic needs that should be met so that our seeds would be able to sprout?

As explained in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory: “Needs lower down in the hierarchy must be satisfied before individuals can attend to needs higher up”.

Indeed, it is necessary for every human being’s basic needs to be met to be able to survive and function. These are the two categories in the bottom of the pyramid - our physical needs: food, water, shelter, sleep, health, family, and social stability.

Above these two bottom basic needs categories, the next level of needs is psychological needs, including: love and belonging needs (such as friendship, family, intimacy), or esteem (confidence and achievement). These needs can only be met when and if only we ourselves feel satisfied psychologically. That interestingly means we have the choice to feel satisfied or not, psychologically! If you feel that you’re not fulfilled and being stuck in this part of the pyramid (once the basic needs are met), work on the Ego’s topics, practise meditation and mindfulness, work on the psychological issues, then you would at some point be able to find the place of fulfilment of those needs that only exist in your mental/psychological expectations.

In our modern world, there are sadly still people who have not yet been able to fulfil their basic needs, who are experiencing hunger, homelessness, who have no clean water, no medication/medical treatments for illnesses, who lose families/homeland in wars or disasters…

But, we - the ones who have these basic needs fulfilled, still quite often think that we have not - we keep acquiring more and more than what is required to satisfy our actual needs. We are lured into dissatisfaction by our own greed, endless desires and insecurities, trying hard to get more and more on top of the basic needs in hoping that would bring us more happiness, more fulfilment, more security, and still do not understand why we keep feeling unsatisfied and unhappy.

- The Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory can show us more clearly where we are at in our progress towards self fulfilment, and a chance to reassess if our basic needs have been met or we are just being stuck in gathering and accumulating more than what necessity dictates, having not yet overcome our psychological vacuum.

What happens when we reach the top of the hierarchy of needs and feel good in life as we get to the point where we seem to have it all: nice house to live in, lovely family/children/friends, enough money for anything we need, confidence about what we have in life, respect from other people, good health care services, chances to enjoy arts and creativity, etc. Most of us would carry on living generally quite happily with that life, until something bad happens that takes away our happiness, often as losing one of those above factors that our happiness is built and based on, such as losing our houses, losing loved ones, etc, or we get sick, and eventually prepare to die.

For those who have walked a bit further on the journey of consciousness evolution, those worldly objects and achievements would not cure the existential frustration inside, you would still feel that something is missing amongst all good things in life even if you have it all. You will one day wonder (probably after years and years enjoying all that you have in life): So what are these good things all about? Is that my purpose in life - to have all these things, and then eventually die? This will continue to play out as the calling of the Soul has not been answered.

We will reach the point (in this lifetime or another) where we realize that we are living our lives not simply looking for the way to move up the scale of needs fulfilment, but more importantly, we have been yearning to fulfil a mythical quest - a calling to embark on a Hero’s Journey from the deepest part of the Soul, in which our inner heroes must transcend into an evolved (and eventually enlightened) version of themselves for one and for all.

As each human being inherently is a manifestation/an expression of universal archetypal energies, the callings/urges that we feel deep inside are these energies at work, yearning to be fully expressed and realised. Understanding our inner quest by knowing the gifts, shadows, journey motifs, and the ideals or mystical purposes that each of the archetypes yearn for; at the same time, getting in touch with our True self - our infinite nature - to take a leap in consciousness expansion, we will then be able to live our lives with true fulfilment in the state of flow and in alignment with the Divine purpose that we are here for. (The in-depth exploration of the 12 main archetypes in relation to each phase of an individual’s hero’s journey and stages of evolution are to be dealt with in mentoring sessions).



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