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Compassionate self-inquiry
for transcending negative emotions into understanding, love and compassion

Compassionate Self-inquiry is the necessary following step after De-conditioning Self-inquiry for transcending trapped emotions and negativity into understanding and compassion, which are the very fundamental fabric for a life full of joy, contentment, love and harmony.

This process enables those who are struggling with accepting things and people as they are to be able to truly forgive and let go, to finally find peace within. In freeing yourself, you free all those involved.


Compassionate Self-inquiry is a set of questions that guide you to explore and understand the perspectives of others and the REAL motivations and reasonings behind their thoughts, words, and actions. 


By doing so, this process facilitates the transformative result of the combination of De-conditioning Self-inquiry and Compassionate Self-inquiry processes, which inevitably leads to the deconstruction and break-through of one’s own rigid values and belief system. At this point, the right understandings and compassion towards all others and oneself can be truly developed and stabilised.

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